Josephpic 010

The Brigadier is M.E.O.W.S's security as well as battle cat,


The Brigadier's tank somewhat resembles a M1 tank, due to its the shape of its main cannon, it also shares some resemblance to a cat transport crate, the top part of the tank includes its M1 like gun as well as a mounted machine gun, (Which we never see anyone operating) well the middle section is a cat carrier cage, it has two bright blue headlights in the front as well as a chain, it has two black treads, and even though not shown in the image, it has the words PUSS written on the side, the machine seems to operate somewhat like a two seater Bush plane. with a central stick for movement.  


Not much is known about the brigadier, accept that he guards M.E.O.W.S from invaders.
  • Brigadier (Puss tank)
  • Brigadier aiming gun
  • Brigadier (Bottom left)


Tab- "Stand down brigadier, the dog lives."

Brigadier- "Ah man! I never get to use this thing!" Lowers gun and drives away.

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