Cami, Cam, kiddo (Butch), only fan (Diggs)


German Shepherd


Cats and Dogs 3: The Return of Tinkles


Sweet, shy, protective, anxious, determined, caring, loving, truthful, loyal, passionate, sensitive


Casey (sister) Hunter (brother) Camryn (sister)


Diggs only true, official, top #1 fan ever Agent at Dog HQ

Camille a.k.a agent 0063 is a purebred German Shepherd dog. She is mostly known for her obsession with Diggs and for being his only 'rad' #1 fan(as Diggs puts it).

Camille is known by all agents, cats and dogs, that she is Diggs only #1 fan ever. She has a huge amount of reasons and proof that she loves him more than anyone. Diggs supports her himself and gets protective when other people claim to be his #1 fan, as he knows that Cami is the one and only. She has supported him when he has needed it most and he has done the same back, making them the best of friends. He often calls her 'only fan' as it's true and he believes it.

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