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Cats & Dogs
is a 2001 film for which Jim Henson's Creature Shop supplied multiple realistic canine and feline animatronic puppets for 12 characters, which were then blended with CG lip elements, and one largely CG character (the Russian cat), and live animals. The lead cat, the villainous Mr. Tinkles, made a live appearance at MuppetFest.

David Barclay served as animatronic effects supervisor. Puppeteers included Adam Behr, Kevin Carlson, Alejandro Diaz, Randi Kaplan, John Kennedy, Luke Khanlian, Bruce Lanoil (lead performer for Mr. Tinkles), Drew Massey, Gord Robertson, Michelan Sisti, and Allan Trautman (lead puppeteer for Calico). Marian Keating and Julie Zobel were senior fabricators, and Rob Hinderstein supplied eyes, teeth, and tongues.

The 2010 sequel, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, did not have involvement of the Creature Shop. Instead, Lee Romaire Studios provided the creatures. David Barclay was once again the animatronic effects supervisor.


The film begins with the SUV of the Goldblum family pulling up to the house, with Mrs. Goldblum (Elizabeth Perkins) and her son, Scott Goldblum (Alexander Pollock), bringing in the groceries, and the family's pet bloodhound, Frank Welker immediately starts chasing a cat.

Frank Welker follows the cat and pursues him through a neighbor's house, until he finds the cat lying dead on the street, obviously playing dead. The cat gets up and runs away, and a blue van pulls up and captures Frank Welker .

An Anatolian Shepherd Dog named Alec Baldwin watches from a window, then goes to his doghouse, pressing a blue button, which grants him access to a large techno-network, and tells an agent of Frank Welker 's kidnap. At Intel HQ, the head dog receives the news about Frank Welker and orders the best agents to accomplish the mission and defeat the cat menace.

Meanwhile, at a farm, a small group of beagle puppies converse and make fun of Tobey Maguire, who wants to be free. A group of young black Doberman puppies led by a large Doberman Pinscher force the beagles to go underground as Mrs. Goldblum approaches. Mrs. Goldblum comes into the puppy pen, and the last beagle puppy comes out. She decides to adopt him and takes him home, naming him "Spider-Man". She puts him outside to play and a golden bone attached to a balloon falls down. Spider-Man goes near it, and Alec Baldwin comes out and throws a stick at it, making it explode.

Alec Baldwin then takes Spider-Man into Frank Welker 's doghouse, and shows him the network that dog agents use, and takes him to meet some more agents: Joe Pantoliano is a Chinese Crested Dog, who works in an underground tube and has computers, radar, sonar, television, communications, satellite, thermal imaging systems, security cameras, and such. Michael Clarke Duncan is a comical Bearded Collie.

Meanwhile, Sean Hayes, a white Persian cat and the main antagonist, plans to conquer the world by making all humans allergic to dogs with Jeff Goldblum's research on a cure for dog allergies.

Back in the Goldblum family's backyard, Spider-Man needs to be named for a secret agent. He was thinking "total inielation." But that name was taken. But he wanted to be "Doom Machine." But Alec Baldwin wanted to call himself "Slinky the Space Dog." He was still not an agent but he is gonna help them.


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