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Cats and Dogs 3: Mr. Tinkles Returns is an upcoming 2021 Australian-American action-comedy film. The story centers on a lost cat looking for her new owner, but taken in a secret HQ in NORAD by a bunch of dogs, and is teased by the other dogs that he is a cat. Meanwhile, he is trying to save the world from Mr. Tinkles, and his partner, Rabies.

Release Edit

It will be released in theaters 2021

Soundtrack Edit

What's New Pussycat? by Tom Jones

Rumors Edit

  • The movie will have the same characters
  • Peanuts will be the new dog in this movie according to secret clips
  • Diggs will be in a fight with Peanuts, due to the secret clips
  • Scrumptious will probably be a protagonist of the movie due to a fan made video of Cats and Dogs 3
  • The movie setting will be in Hawaii, due to the location Mr. Tinkles filmed when he escaped
  • The movie will start from the ending of the movie just like The Incredibles 2, because the story had a conflict at the end of the movie
  • The movie will feature pop culture because it will be made in the 2020s, and movies often reference today's everyday activities, as Mr. Tinkles mentioned "Email".
  • It will be released in 2021 because it took 9 years to make the 1st sequel, so it can take 11 years because there was no sign of upcoming movies in 2021, except Avatar, but other sequels are still to be announced

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