"Diggs, Butch, Catherine, and Seamus rush into D.O.G. World Headquarters to find Lou with a mysterious new dog. She was a beagle, a young adult, and she stood tall and proud. "Lou? This dog is wearing an agent's collar. I thought she was a strange, mysterious dog!" Butch says. "Well, you see, agent Peanut here is a master at sniffing, and she's a pretty good eavesdropper, too. She heard rumors about spy dogs, and began sniffing around her yard. Apparently, her doghouse was bought online from someone who already used it. When she sniffed her doghouse, she smelled something strange. She scratched at the walls, and came here the way an agent usually does," Lou explains. "It was pretty fun, too!" Peanut says eagerly. "Diggs, nobody else wants to mentor this strange dog, I'm afraid you'll have to mentor her." Lou says. "Are you kidding? This is great!" Diggs says. "What are we going to do first, Diggs?" Peanut asks, excited. "What about basic Paw to Paw Combat?" Diggs asks. "Sure!" Peanut barked, and the two hurried off to training. "This is going to be interesting," Catherine sighs.

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