Cats and Dogs 3 is an unsung movie that will slowly, but surely happen. Remember Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, where Mr. Tinkles escaped from jail, causing everyone to rant about the third sequel. The first thing we know is that Mr. Tinkles can be an antagonists of the story, but due to the huge age gap between the two versions, people will have to hire a new cat to act as Mr.Tinkles, and another voice actor. The other pets also need other hirings of animals and voice actors, so it might take a while. There is also a hint that Kitty Galore will be in jail, or not taking over the world, so the mouse must be a sidekick, and there will also be a new dog to be the main protagonist, and it has to be one of Lou's sons because Diggs never had children, and the puppies were young at that time. The biggest problem I saw is the age gap, as it was just 9 years apart, and that predicts that the movie will come out at 2021 due to coupled efforts of training Cats and Dogs, and animating realistic 3D graphics, and in fact, when the next movie comes out, it will be like pets are actually recorded from camera. There were also themes, as the first movie was all sitcom, humor like, and the second one was spy-like, what will the third version be, well it could be dramatic, like Black Ops 3, just like the Cars 3 incident, as it can follow the "second" sequel curse, so it can be too dark for younger kids. I also have a feeling that Diggs will be a father. The most unspoken prediction is that the animals will be in contact with humans, and that they will be working together side by side. Warner Bros. are working on other movies as well, and they also include shows, like the Magic School Bus. The next movie may not be a sequel, and just maybe a prequel or spin-off, like Minions, the prequel to Despicable Me, and it might even be a show, because they are not hinting any movie on social media, and shows can pop up just weeks, or day from the first airing, and that is possibly the reason behind the absence of even a peep on Imdb. The animals may even be introduced to pop culture, like phones, and Youtube, as they are important, but since the movie is going to be made in future times, it can be culturally different, like self driving cars, hoverboards, and Donald Trump references. It would be like today, where smart phones are around, social media will be involved, and Africa can be referenced, too, as they will be more developed.

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