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this Wiki page was started by Diggsno1fan , Diggs' ONLY # 1 fan ! do NOT edit or else there WILL be feedback from me .

hello all ! ( ・ω・)ノ

I am Diggs' true # 1 fan , and everyone else is a FAKER . they don't love him even a quarter as much as I do . I've been his FIRST EVER # 1 fanpage ! trace back to a deviantART post , an edit , posted in 2011 , saying " Diggs and Bosco's biggest fan ! " well , that was me . that post was in 2011 , the earliest sign of a Diggs # 1 fanpage . I have multiple reasons why ( actually I have OVER 1,000 and I can prove it unlike someone who LIES about having reasons ) and I also have a minimum of 50 Diggs items . I've been collecting alot lately and it's surely paying off ! I also have 550 + reasons just on WHY you should love Diggs . I have a sketchbook , notebook , and binder for MY Diggsy and I love him so much more than the fakers think . I also have started checking the wiki every day , in case I need to fix a wiki page , or put my name back in because it keeps getting edited out c: .

anyways , this is a page I made for pure FUN and if you would like to , you may chat , or anything that you fancy c: but since this wiki page is about me please do NOT edit it ; I am working hard to make this a good clean fun page and I don't want anyone to screw around with it . thank you , in advance

10 facts about me ٩( ᐛ ) و

1 - I'm trans * no hate :3

2 - I'm pansexual cx

3 - I also own a Sparky fanpage on Instagram Cx

4 - I am Diggs' TRUE # 1 fan and no matter what you say I'M his ONLY # 1 and no one can top me .

5 - I live in the USA , and speak only English but I'd love to speak 2 ( not Spanish or French . . like Finnish )

6 - my bestfriend is my dog , Puggy <3 I luff her sm

7 - my Instagram is diggsno.1fan ! you should follow his TRUE # 1 fanpage c:

8 - I have a lightswitch cover , painted customs , and over 900 drawings

9 - I have owned my Diggs account for almost 30 weeks but changed it , coming back 5 weeks ago .

10 - I love sloths , elephants , wolves , foxes , and like every animal xD

  • bonus time yay !

11 - I also love these faces ! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚


12 - fakers be lying soooo bad rn xD lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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