Scotty Brody
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race White
Faction The Brody Family
Health Perfect
Level 12 (as of Cats and Dogs)
Status Living (as of Cats and Dogs)
Location Assumed California
 Scotty Brody is a twelve-year-old boy who serves as a secondary protagonist in the first movie. He has short-cropped blond hair, brown eyes, and freckles. He is shown to absolutely love soccer, although he isn't very good at it. 

Early LifeEdit

Scotty Brody is an only child, born to and raised by house saleswoman Mrs. Brody and researcher Dr. Brody. All through his life, he has adored soccer, and for most of his life, he grew up alongside his best friend, Buddy, a bloodhound. A short while prior to the movie, Scott was truamatized at the loss of Buddy, who was kidnapped by a group of cats serving under Mr. Tinkles. It is unknown as to when Scott adopted Buddy, nor when he first began having an interest in soccer, although it is presumed that he has loved soccer since he was in his early years.

Cats and DogsEdit

Scotty first appears when Mrs. Brody first brings Lou home from the farm. Due to the fact that he is still upset over Buddy's disappearance, he initially rejects the new puppy, suggesting that they name him Loser. After Mrs. Brody leaves Lou with Scotty and returns to work, Scott banishes the puppy to the outside, calling him a loser once more. Scott is next seen later that night as he watches a cartoon on TV. Mrs. Brody comes in and asks him if he is nervous for try outs for the soccer team tomorrow. Scott admits that he is a little nervous, to which Mrs. Brody replies by saying that he has nothing to worry about because he is extremely talented. She then orders him to bed in 6 minutes before leaving the room. Scott continues watching his cartoon show. At the edge of the room, Lou watches on the sidelines, making a remark on how dogs rule as, on the show, the dog beats up the cat for attempting to steal something from him. The next day, Scott is coming down the stairs when he is greeted by his father, Dr. Brody, who agrees to come to his try outs because he wants to start being there more often for his son. Scott accepts the offer and hurries off so he isn't late for school. Later that day, he comes home in a rage, kicking the soccer ball without any forethought. He smashes some flowerpots in the process, which brings Lou to comment on how he "really does stink". Mrs. Brody comes out and questions him on how try outs went, to which Scott responds by saying that the coach thought he should try out for the girl's team, and then tells her how his father never showed up. 

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