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 People have ruined this wiki. I wish the administrator was here.

People like you, yeah. You ruined this wiki, Cheetah. You destroyed the page that is Stuart's life story and now I have to put it up again. The page of a man who suffered from discrimination for being a mouse every damn day. He couldn't get a job because nobody thought a mouse would be capable enough, he couldn't get married because inter-species marriages are illegal for god knows whatever reason, always has to be fucking wary of mouse traps and rat poison because that's the fucking world he was born in. A world that absolutely despises rodents for no reason other than them being fucking rodents

Seriously, what is it? What do you have against Stuart Little? Is it because hes a rat? Is that it? Because hes a fucking rat, you fucking shit all over him and erase his lifestory and his struggles with his life? He didn't ask to be a rat, he was BORN a rat. Just like you were born as an mad lunatic with an insatiable lust for world domination and a strange affinity for the Cats and Dogs movies. I don't judge you for that, Cheetah. And neither should you judge poor Stuart

Now come on. Leave the page be. Let Stuart's story stay for the world to see, and help expose the injustice that is rodent discrimination. We could also kick back and watch some Spider-man in the meantime

Spider-Man (1967) Season 1 Episode 11-021:44

Spider-Man (1967) Season 1 Episode 11-0

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